"The toughest doctor to be is a veterinarian.  The animals can't tell you where it hurts." Will Rogers

  The doctors at Alpha Vet Care must often rely on diagnositc testing to determine the best method of treatment.   To provide optimum care, many  of these tests are conveniently available on-site  Our diagnosic laboratory provides in-hospital blood analysis, heartworm and Lyme disease testing, fecal parasite screenings, urinalysis, and more.  A state-of the art digital X-ray system provides rapid diagnosis of many internal issues.  Getting an accurate diagnosis is important. Getting a quick diagnosis for a critical patient is essential. 




Dogs swallow the strangest things.  Toys.  Clothing.  Rocks.  With a flexible fiberoptic scope and specialized instruments, the doctors have been able to remove objects from animals without taking them to surgery.  We also offer elecocardiography, blood pressure monitoring, glaucoma testing, and more.




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