Spays and Neuters -                     

Removing reproductive ability is important for the health of pets, and to help control the enormous population of unwanted animals.  A physical examination, during an appointment, is required prior to surgery. 

Oncology -

Growths and masses are common in animals, particulary older ones.    Removing tumors can be critically important for an animal's well-being.   Pre-anesthetic blood tests are typically required in older patients.

Orthopedic surgery -

Dr. Bruce Frey performs the majority of the orthopedic surgeries in this practice.   He is experienced in multiple techniques of bone fracture repair, tendon and ligament repair.  


Gastro-Intestinal surgery -  

The surgeons at Alpha Veterinary care have removed numerous objects from the GI tracts of pets.  Socks. Walnuts. Pennies.  Pantyhose.  Clumping cat litter.  Forks.  Stuffed animals.  Paper towels.  Squeaky toys.  Bones.  String. Feminine hygine products.  Carpet.  Rubber bands.  Corn cobs.  Golf balls.

Urinary tract surgery -

Dr. Sandy Stalder-Frey, Dr. Erika Sweigard and Dr. Nicole Lewis are skilled in cystotomy surgery for the removal of bladder stones. Dr. Bruce Frey is proficient in perianal urethrostomy, a surgery for male cats with chronic urinary obstruction disease.  

Physical therapy -

Alpha Veterinary Care works closely with physical therapist, Amy Flannery.  The goal is to get dogs and cats up and moving again using a variety of techniques. 


Exotic surgery

Our doctors also operate on animals you won't find at most veterinary clinics.  They perform neutering surgeries on rabbits, goats, pot-belly pigs and many other species.  They "un-twist" the stomachs of cows on a regular basis.  They've even removed bladder stones from an iguana... 

...and relieved a lion of a toothache.

 For an appointment, call 908-454-8384.