We want to make sure that your dogs are healthy - by protecting them from disease, we help protect your entire family. 




Quality care begins with a physical exam by a trained, certified and licensed veterinarian.  Because your dog is unique, ( as is her environment), a specialized wellness program is developed just for her.  




      Should your dog become ill, Alpha Veterinary Care has diagnositc tools critical for determining the cause.  Our doctors use this diagnosic information to determine the course for healing.

      Superior surgical skills are a cornerstone of our quality veterinary practice.  Our doctors are proficient at spay and neuter surgeries.  They also have the skill, equipment and experience to handle many challenging surgical procedures. 


This Boston Terrier puppy ate the fork along with the birthday cake.

    A cast on a broken front leg.

        Alpha Veterinary Care has been instrumental in bringing the first animal rehabilitation facility to serve the dogs of the Warren-Hunterton-Northampton County Region.    Click for Animal Rehabilitation & Fitness website.




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Save money 

Alpha Vet Care has significantly lower prices for in-stock pet medications purchased at our office!

Up to 20% lower price on Heartguard  than PetMedsExpress and 1-800-Petmeds on products picked up at the veterinary clinic!

 How is this possible?

Examinations by appointment.



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